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Vegetarians May Pay Less for Life Insurance

There is a possibility that if you are a vegetarian you may be able to get a cheaper life insurance policy. There are differences between insurance companies and one even offers a specific policy for vegetarians that give them a lower price. This is because research shows that vegetarians are healthier and tend to live longer.

Lower Cancer Risk

The Vegetarian Society has stated figures that vegetarians can have up to 40% less chance of getting certain cancers than meat eaters. The reason for this could be because they tend to eat more fruit and vegetables that have anti-oxidants that are said to help reduce cancer risk. It may also be due to having a higher fiber diet.

Kidney and Gall Stone Risk Reduced

Kidney and gall stone problems are sometimes thought to be due to dietary problems, although they can run in families as well. A vegetarian diet has been found to reduce the risk.

Lower Blood Pressure

It has been found that vegetarians tend to have a lower blood pressure than meat eaters. High blood pressure can lead to damage to the arteries, which can in some cases lead to scarring that can contribute to the risk of heart attacks. Therefore avoiding high blood pressure can be a big health benefit.

Lower Chance of Diabetes

Diabetes was once associated with eating too much sugar, although research has now shown that a persons fat intake plays a part. Whatever the cause, it has been found that vegetarians tend to have less risk of getting diabetes than meat eaters.

Mad Cow Disease Risk Zero

Cases of the human form of mad cow disease are now extremely rare. However, being vegetarian means there is no risk at all of getting it from food.

How Much Are the Savings?

It is difficult to know whether vegetarians just have a generally healthier lifestyle and this is what reduces their chances of getting these problems or whether it is directly due to eating meat. However, whatever the cause there is evidence that vegetarians live longer lives and tends to remain healthier. This is why one insurance company, AFI, have decided to offer a Vegetarian Term Life policy. This has lower premiums than other policies that they offer. A 45-year-old female non-smoker would pay £10.95 a month for a 15-year term policy paying out a lump sum of £100,000 compared to an average figure of £16.39. This means that they would make a saving of £5.44 compared to the average rate. This can soon add up. It is thought that this is a unique policy at the moment and that no other UK insurers take the type of food that you eat in to consideration when calculating your insurance risk.

It is possible that other life insurance companies in the UK may start to offer similar policies as well. The Animal Friends Insurance Company offers this policy and they are a non-profit company. This means that the rates they offer may not be able to be matched by any other companies.


It may be worth asking your current insurance provider whether they will consider reducing rates for vegetarians. If you are one, you may find that you could see some money shaved off your policy or it may be worth you switching to another company. It will very much depend on the type of cover that you have and how long you have had it for. Many insurers in the Uk only tend to consider smoking as a risk factor on top of age and so may not be interested in lifestyle factors unless you have a very risky job or hobby.