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Understanding and Getting Life Insurance if you Have Hepatitis

There are different types of Hepatitis and the type that you have may affect your chances of getting life insurance. Insurance will be harder to find than for people without the disease and it could be more expensive too. Some insurers will not insure someone with or that has had Hepatitis and others are more open-minded.

About Hepatitis

The three main types of hepatitis are A,B and C. They all cause inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis A tends to be caused by ingesting contaminated food or water often in areas of poor sanitation. Hepatitis B is spread through the exchange of blood or body fluids and can be passed from mother to baby. This can be transmitted sexually, from unsterilized needles or contaminated blood. Hepatitis C is spread in the same way but also from blood transfusions before the screening process came in to use. There are also D-G types as well. A & E only cause a short-term infection. However, B & C cause an on-going illness, D is only present if you also have B and there are vaccinations for A & B. Therefore the type of Hepatitis is very important to an insurance company, as a short-term illness is not a concern for insurers but an on-going illness is much more so.

Insurance Checks

A life insurance company will ask you all sorts of health questions and they will want to know how serious the condition is and what treatment is being done and if you have any other illnesses as a result of it. They may also be interested in family history, how you got the disease and other information. If you have or had Hepatitis B or C, insurers will be most concerned about this type, as these can lead to other health problems and may cause death. Therefore some insurers may not offer any cover and others may charge very high rates. The type of insurance and seriousness of the condition will change the premium amount and each individual case will be looked at and assessed.

Reducing Insurance Costs

If you have Hepatitis B or C then you will be more limited in the insurance companies that will be willing to give you cover. You will need to find out who does provide this insurance and then get a quote from each one to see who gives the best value for your money. If you take out a term life insurance then this will be cheaper as this will cover you just for a certain period of time rather than your whole life. A whole life cover will have to pay out eventually, as the holder may die while insured. However, there is a lower risk with a term life insurance policy as it is for a limited period of time. The lower the term, the cheaper the insurance will be. It will also be cheaper if you are in better health and receiving treatment.

If You Already Have Life Insurance

If you already have insurance, then it is best not to change insurer, as this is likely to mean you will end up paying higher premiums. If you are looking for new insurance then it is possible that the costs will be higher or worst case scenario, not be able to find cover at all.


If you have had Hepatitis and are now cured, then you may still be penalized on your insurance. You may also be penalized regardless of which type of Hepatitis you have and what your current health condition is like. Make sure that you look around and research various quotes. It may be a good idea to talk to your potential insurer about the fact that you have recovered from Hepatitis and that you should therefore not be penalized by a high premium. There are some brokers and insurance companies that deal specifically with unusual cases like this and they may be worth contacting for further information.