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5 Ways to Protect Your Life Insurance From Recession


With the recession still biting many people, a lot of us are trying to think of ways to cut back on our spending. This is not easy after so many years of already being as frugal as a person can be. Many are cutting back on things that in the past they considered to be necessary such as life insurance. However, there are ways that you can still get the benefit of life insurance without having to pay out more than you can afford.

Choosing your Work Benefit

It is possible that some companies may offer life insurance as part of their benefit package. It can be worth investigating this, as they may be able to get a better price than you can on your own. This is because they will be insuring a lot of their employees in bulk. Therefore take a look and see whether this could be an option for you and how much it will cost you.

Keep Healthy to Keep the Price Down

There are some things that you can do to keep the price down on your insurance. Smokers pay considerably more for their life insurance because smoking is such a big health risk. Therefore, if you give up this bad habit then you could reduce your insurance a lot. You can also get a cheaper policy by being a healthy weight and not having a dangerous job or risky hobbies. It may be easy for you to make a few lifestyle changes that could make a big difference to your bank balance. Doing some research can save you some money by finding out what influences your policy to see if you can reduce your rates.

Have a Term Insurance Policy not Whole Life

If your life insurance only covers you for a certain term, rather than for your whole life, then it will be a lot cheaper. So if you have full life insurance, then consider changing it to a term policy instead. This means that it will only pay out if you die within a certain time frame rather than paying out simply when you die, whenever that might be. This is a far cheaper way to have insurance and it may be all that is necessary in some cases. Consider what your life insurance is for, perhaps to cover debts or look after loved ones. The debts will be paid off eventually and your dependents should be able to look after themselves financially as well.

Compare Prices Between Companies

It is always worth checking to see whether you can get a better price for insurance elsewhere. You will find that you can use a broker, comparison website or even just ask around for a few quotes. You may find that you come across something cheaper. It depends on a lot of factors, such as how long ago you took out your last insurance policy and whether prices have changed significantly since then.

Change from Joint to Single Cover

It may be that joint cover is more expensive than single cover or possibly vice versa. It is worth taking a look in to this as you may find that you can save some money by changing the way that your cover is set up.

There are therefore quite a few things that are worth investigating to see whether you can reduce the cost of your life insurance. You may not need to stop paying it altogether if you can find a way to reduce the cost of it. By changing provider, changing the type of cover, having a healthier lifestyle, changing from term to full life or looking at your employer’s options, you may find that you can save quite a lot of money.